Authentic Sound Quality. Lightweight Design.

If you're going to listen to songs, you better do it right. Make the most of the experience, with this Motorola Pulse 2 wired headset. It's earcups are rotatable and it's packed with 36-mm speaker drivers so it has a rich and powerful bass sound. Want to take or make a call? Use the headphone's in-line microphone to do so without missing a single beat.

Go Outdoors!

With Moto Pulse 2 you can attend calls while you listen to your favorite music with ease. Thanks to it's in line microphone you get to switch between music and calls effortlessly. Now all you have to do is attend your calls hands-free.

Full of Bass

What good is music without proper bass? Moto Pulse 2 headphones with their big 36mm drivers drive you straight into the music full of bass.

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